Maya Collections Responsible Disclosure Policy

  • 1. Introduction
    Maya Collections is committed to the security of our systems and the privacy of our users. We recognize the valuable role that security researchers and the broader security community play in helping us maintain a safe and secure environment for our users. We encourage responsible disclosure of security vulnerabilities.
  • 2. Scope
    This policy covers all systems, applications, and platforms owned or operated by Maya Collections.
  • 3. Guidelines for Responsible Disclosure
    If you discover a potential security vulnerability, we request that you report it to us promptly in a responsible manner.
    Provide detailed information about the vulnerability, including a proof-of-concept if possible.
    Do not exploit the vulnerability or access, modify, or delete data that does not belong to you.
    Do not disclose the vulnerability publicly until we have had sufficient time to address the issue.
  • 4. Reporting Process
    To report a security vulnerability, please email us at Use the subject line "Security Vulnerability Report" to ensure prompt attention.
    Include the following details in your report:
    A detailed description of the vulnerability.
    Steps to reproduce the vulnerability.
    Your contact information (name, email, and optionally phone number).
  • 5. What You Can Expect from Us
    We will acknowledge receipt of your report within [specify time frame].
    We will investigate and validate the reported vulnerability.
    We will work to address the vulnerability within a reasonable timeframe.
    We may offer recognition and thanks for your responsible disclosure, subject to your approval.
  • 6. Legal Protections
    Maya Collections commits to not pursue legal action against security researchers who report vulnerabilities in accordance with this policy. We consider your research and reporting activities as exempt from any restrictions on testing.
  • 7. Responsible Disclosure Timeframe
    We aim to resolve and disclose security vulnerabilities within [specify time frame]. However, some issues may require more time to address properly.
  • 8. Recognition and Thanks
    With your permission, we may acknowledge your responsible disclosure publicly and may offer recognition, such as inclusion in a Hall of Fame, social media shoutouts, or other appropriate acknowledgments.
  • 9. Contact Information
    For inquiries related to security, please contact us at:

    Maya Collections